• Number1
  • WorkplaceEast, 4th Floor, Plant 3, Jingang Environmental Science and Technology Park
  • Deal4000-4500
  • Release Date2020-05-29
  • ValidityNo limit


Recruitment position: Inspector

Salary: 4000-4500

Gender: Any

Education: High school or above

Requirements: Have more than one year of experience in quality-related work in an electronics factory, responsible for process inspection (first inspection, process inspection, final inspection) of each process of workshop products, raw material incoming inspection, and filling in relevant quality records.

operating hours:

8:00-17:30 am, overtime 18:00-20:30 (according to the order requirements for overtime 10-15 days per month); Monday to Friday after 18:00, Saturday, Sunday overtime is calculated by country Provision for payment of overtime pay;


1. Monthly attendance benefits: 160 yuan;

2. Wage = basic salary + overtime salary + full-time attendance award + post assessment award;

3. The company provides working meals, holiday benefits, and five insurances after passing the probation period;