Harness assembler

  • NumberSeveral
  • WorkplaceEast, 4th Floor, Plant 3, Jingang Environmental Science and Technology Park
  • Deal4000-4500
  • Release Date2020-05-29
  • ValidityNo limit


Recruitment position: wire harness assembler

Salary: 4000-4500

Gender: Female

Age: 18~40 years old

Requirement: Working experience in wire harness processing is preferred (inserted plastic shell, wire cutting, screwing, soldering iron, electronic product assembly, etc.);

Decent, good health, good eyesight, able to endure hardships, can adapt to overtime.

operating hours:

8:00-17:30 am, overtime 18:00-20:30 (according to the order requirements for overtime 10-15 days per month); Monday to Friday after 18:00, Saturday, Sunday overtime is calculated by country Provision for payment of overtime pay;


1. Monthly attendance benefits: 160 yuan;

2. Wage = basic salary + overtime salary + full-time attendance award + post assessment award;

3. The company provides working meals, holiday benefits, and five insurances after passing the probation period;